Dubai Tour Packages - Get Very Best Deals and Enjoy an Abu Dhabi Tour With Family

Dubai happens to be an exciting place, a great tourist destination that particular must visit with their lifetime. Also, it is a major stopping off destination for long haul flights that provides the chance to experience the very best of Dubai even if it is for a while. Dubai has several interesting places to check out and even offers exciting experiences. To try out the best of Dubai, opt for a tour operator who can provide good Dubai tour packages that mixes adventure, sightseeing, shopping and entertainment. For more information please visit Abu Dhabi Tourist Attractions

Better of Dubai Tour Packages:

Regardless of how often times you visit Dubai, you might always want to go back to the city. It is just about the most coveted attractions, purely because the host of experiences this city is offering. adults and Kids are sure to love this place which has unique experience to offer you to every single age group. You will find unique variations of Dubai tour packages that reputed travel specialists offer, these packages include:

• Air tickets
• Accommodation with breakfast at luxury hotels
• Sightseeing
• Pickup and drop off facilities

Abu Dhabi Tour Package:

Your Dubai trip is incomplete without a trip to Abu Dhabi, an excellent area to unwind with the beach or simply enjoy a day out at the famous Ferrari world amusement park. Abu Dubai is well connected by road and is just few hours' drive from Dubai. Your Abu Dhabi tour package will include a visit to the palace, every day out in the Ferrari world and a trip to the famous formula one circuit. Additionally, there are some beautiful mosques that boast of great architecture and so are worth seeing. An important feature about your Abu Dhabi tour is you can cycle along the beach on exclusive and safe cycling lanes. It truly results in an excellent experience. To take advantage of your tour, you should ideally decide to stay overnight at Abu Dhabi and come back to Dubai the next day.

Ferrari World at Abu Dhabi:

Ferrari world is often a Ferrari themed amusement park in Abu Dhabi and its spread over a place of 200,000 square meters. This is basically the largest indoor theme park on the globe and will be offering exciting entertainment for any age groups. The leading attraction this is actually the world's largest roller coaster named Ferrari Rossa. There are also over 20 unique simulator and rides games for kids and adults. Additionally there is a Ferrari museum that showcases different types of Ferrari stores and cars with Ferrari merchandise. Italian cuisine is widely available on the park along with a number of other mouthwatering delicacies. It is a place you shouldn't miss for anything. Therefore, when booking your Dubai tour packages, make certain that tour operator features a one day trip to the world class amusement park in Abu Dhabi. For more information please visit

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